Drum-Workshop bei den Super-Sessions Musikproberäumen in Berlin-Mitte (auf Englisch)

The next Dr Paradiddles Drum School Workshop at the Super-Sessions by Alessandro Guida will be A Step in the Style of STEVE GADD and will take place on Saturday January 27 from 3 to 5 pm!

Certainly one of the most influencing drummers ever, his unique style and sound have changed the rules of modern drumming and set new standards for the other drummers to come.

We will pay our tribute to the Maestro by studying and examining some of the grooves and fills that characterized his style through the years.

All levels drummers are welcome, although a basic knowledge of rudiments is preferred.

Every teacher at Dr Paradiddles Wonderdrumporium is a long-time professional, each with different backgrounds, experience, style and approach. The idea is, that by a different tutor hosting the regular sessions will make for a fantastic & varied set of workshops where you can learn in a diverse & wide-ranging manor, gaining valuable experience from the different tutors.

So please, if you want to attend, email Alessandro a.guidrum.de@gmail.com with your booking! The workshop will last for 2 hours and costs €25 per student.