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Guitar Setup – Set up your guitar correctly

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Set up your guitar correctly

In this workshop we will learn the basics of how to set up a guitar optimally in order to improve playability, avoid buzzing and perfect intonation.

Topics of the workshop:

  • Check and adjust neck curvature/string position correctly
  • Clean and oil the fingerboard
  • Notching and polishing the saddle
  • Dressing and polishing frets
  • Check intonation and adjust octave purity
  • Setting the tremolo
  • Setting the pickups
  • Correct stringing

Bring along

  • Own guitar


  • (if available: capo, feeler gauges, screwdriver, etc.)

Target group

  • Guitarists of all experience levels who want to learn more about the care and setup of their instruments.
  • We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop and taking your guitar to a new level together!


Super Session, Edison Höfe, Invalidenstr.117, 10115 Berlin


Expected in September 2024

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