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Tired of looking for a rehearsal room in Berlin?

Get the band together again?

The search has come to an end

Tired of traveling halfway around the world to the rehearsal room? Spare the neighbors' ears?

Then the Super Sessions rehearsal rooms are the right place for you, whether you play rock, jazz or classical music: Here in the Edisonhöfe in Berlin-Mitte, you can rehearse every day on an hourly basis in fully equipped music rehearsal rooms under optimal conditions!

Our rehearsal rooms are all soundproofed and ventilated, have a size between approx. 10 and 35 square meters and are therefore suitable for individual musicians and bands as well as for entire ensembles of up to approx. 10 musicians.

Our music rehearsal rooms

The rehearsal rooms are open daily from 11am to 11pm!

Single rehearsal room

Single rehearsal room 10sqm, max. 2 persons, from 6,5 €/h

Band Rehearsal Studios

Rehearsal studio size about 20 sqm. Rehearsals with the band, from 12 €/h

Band rehearsal rooms

Rehearsal room size approx. 20 sqm. Rehearsals with the band, from 13 €/h

Large Band Rehearsal Studios

Rehearsal studio size about 25 sqm. For the whole band, from 15 €/h

Session room

Rehearsal room size approx. 35 sqm. For your session, from 19 €/h

The rehearsal rooms are open daily from 11am to 11pm!

With our 10-hour ticket you can rehearse at a particularly low price and save one euro per hour in the single room and two euros per hour in the other rooms! You can simply buy the 10-hour ticket at the counter on your next visit and the corresponding number of hours will be stamped for each rehearsal.

Single room occupied? Individual musicians can book a band room (room 2 or 3) before 6 p.m. in spring at the individual room rate, also online!

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the booking (only by telephone or e-mail; after that it depends on whether we can still rent out the room).

The individual and band rehearsal rooms are equipped with high-quality birch drums including cymbals, two tube guitar combos, a bass half-stack and a vocal system with effects mixer.

The session room leaves practically nothing to be desired, as it is not only equipped with maple drums, Blackstar/Marshall tube half-stack(s) and/or Vox AC 30 for the guitars, bass full-stack and a top vocal system with effects mixer and active EV speakers, but also with a piano!

Super Sessions Workshops

Gitarre richtig einstellen

Set up your guitar correctly

In this workshop we will learn how to set up a guitar optimally.

Jazz guitar workshop

By and with Marcus Klossek

Blues guitar workshop

Von und mit Bluesgitarren-Legende Heinz Glass

Drum workshop

By and with Botho Karger

Eingangsbereich Super Sessions

Music Management Forum

Every third Friday of the month (19:00 - 21:00)

Band coaching workshop

For bandleader by Martin Steiner

Looking for fellow musicians?

Take a look at our cooperation partner!

What our customers say

Lina Peters
Lina Peters
Pedro Moura
Pedro Moura
Fabian Stein
Fabian Stein
Don Verga
Don Verga
Genialer Ort! Ich gehe schon seit der Gründung hin und es immer noch so gut und alle sind mega freundlich
Stefan Nitter
Stefan Nitter
Heiko Brehmer
Heiko Brehmer
Daniel Sabelnikov
Daniel Sabelnikov
Hanno Hartwig
Hanno Hartwig
Equipment vorhanden. Proberäume Schallisoliert. Bezahlbar.
Stephan Höhne
Stephan Höhne
Jordy H
Jordy H

Super-Sessions GmbH & Co KG
Music rehearsal rooms

Edison Courtyards
Invalidenstrasse 117
(Access also via Schlegelstraße 26)
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Open: Daily 11:00 – 23:00

Phone +49 30 / 91 57 92 27

Super-Sessions Musikproberäume
Invalidenstraße 117
10115 Berlin-Mitte
Täglich  11:00 – 23:00 Uhr
T +49 30 / 91 57 92 27
M +49 176 / 202 55 011