Jazz guitar workshop

By and with Marcus Klossek

Dear friends of the cultivated jazz guitar,

Marcus Klossek’s next jazz guitar workshop at Super Sessions on Saturday, June 3, 2023 from 2 to 4 p.m. is titled ARPEGGIO-LICKS YOU MUST KNOW and it’s all about how to implement arpeggios (chord tones) into your solos!

First, we’ll learn some of the most important arpeggios and their fingerings on the fretboard. Following are examples of how to apply it musically over a static chord and groove. Then, for practical application, there are plenty of examples and licks with arpeggios over the most common jazz and blues chord progressions.

Das Ganze wird dir mit Sicherheit Augen und Ohren öffnen und dein gesamtes Improvisations-Repertoire erweitern! Sämtliche Beispiele natürlich wie immer aufgeschrieben in Noten+Tabs zum Mitnehmen nach Hause. In addition, there are again matching mp3 PlayAlongs for all licks to play the new material in a band context!

So, grab your guitar and come on by, it’s going to be exciting!

Marcus studied music at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and put the finishing touches on his guitar playing in masterclasses with jazz luminaries like Jack deJohnette, Jim Hall and Pat Metheny! Through countless club and festival gigs he is one of the busiest musicians in the German scene and has already released 8 albums with his Marcus Klossek Trio!

The workshop is suitable for anyone who already has some basic guitar knowledge and is new to the field of jazz or wants to brush up on their jazz skills!

Sign up right away with Marcus(info@marcusklossek.de)– the price is 30 euros.

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