Jazz guitar workshop

By and with Marcus Klossek

Dear friends of the cultivated jazz guitar,

Marcus Klossek’s next guitar workshop at the Super Sessions on Saturday, April 13, 2024 from 2 to 4 p.m. will focus on a typical jazz classic from the real book – ideal for all guitarists who would like to expand their chord and solo vocabulary!

Presented is a:

  • Melody/chord arrangement with simple and tasteful voice leading (voiceleading)
  • Note for note written out solo with arpeggios, triads and chromaticism over the changes

An enrichment of your repertoire, because it works excellently as a solo guitar piece as well as in a band context! Since the song consists of common chord combinations such as II-V-I in major and minor, the solo lines presented can also be used in any number of other songs!

As always, everything is explained crystal clear and written down in notes and tabs to take home with you! So, grab your guitar and come along, 120 minutes of fun guaranteed!

Marcus studied music at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and put the finishing touches on his guitar playing in masterclasses with jazz luminaries like Jack deJohnette, Jim Hall and Pat Metheny! Through countless club and festival gigs he is one of the busiest musicians in the German scene and has already released 8 albums with his Marcus Klossek Trio!

The workshop is suitable for anyone who already has some basic guitar knowledge and is new to the field of jazz or wants to brush up on their jazz skills!

Sign up right away with Marcus(info@marcusklossek.de)– the price is 30 euros.

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